All About Water

There can be more than 2000 toxic contaminants found in your water supply, which only about 30 are tested for or monitored. 97% of Western Europe has chosen fluoride-free water. This includes: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Norway, Scotland, Sweden and Switzerland. (While some European countries add fluoride to salt, the majority do not.) Thus, rather than mandating fluoride treatment for the whole population, western Europe allows individuals the right to choose, or refuse, fluoride. 

Fluoridated water is no longer recommended for babies.
In November of 2006, the American Dental Association (ADA) advised that parents should avoid giving babies fluoridated water . Other dental researchers have made similar recommendations over the past decade.
Babies exposed to fluoride are at high risk of developing dental fluorosis – a permanent tooth defect caused by fluoride damaging the cells which form the teeth. Whole home water filters reduce the possibility of exposing your babies to this.
Other tissues in the body may also be affected by early-life exposures to fluoride. According to a recent review published in the medical journal ‘The Lancet’, fluoride may damage the developing brain.


Get prolonged years of extra life from your electric hot water or solar system
– Greatly reduces detergent use
– Removes shower glass buildup and improves your whole shower experience
– Removes and keeps removed, the white scale in your kettle and pots
– Overcomes the bath ring problem
– Removes and keeps removed, the white buildup in your dishwasher
– Cleans your car without spotting
– Greens your garden with less water
– Regenerates saline patches in your lawn

If you are a pool owner tired of buying chemicals and paying hefty pump electricity bills.. how about this?
– Reduce chemical use
– Reduce the need to back lush
– Keep your water cleaner and clearer longer
– Make tile cleaning simple rather than hard
– Completely overcome algae problems!

hower filters are designed to reduce exposure to chemicals and chemical vapours.

Hot water creates a steam vapour that contains the volatile chemicals in the water, these vapours are inhaled and go directly to the bloodstream.

Research has shown that people can inhale up to 50% more chlorine and other volatile organic compounds (also called VOCs), including chlorofluorocarbons, pesticides and chloroform, in one 10-minute shower than if they drank two litres of water containing the chemicals.

A warm shower also opens up the pores of the skin, resulting in a high rate of VOC absorption. In addition, chlorine has a very drying effect on skin and hair.